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apply job Baker & McKenzie 1
Bang Rak, Bangkok, Secretarial ,Legal ,Assistant Secretarial,Legal,Assistant


No experience required


Contracts, Good Communication Skills, Microsoft Office, English

Job type:




  • We are looking for Legal Secretary to undertake a variety of administrative, clerical, and secretarial tasks. You will be assigned to work under supervision of 3 - 4 lawyers to support them in their works including: preparing correspondence; typing, formatting and proof reading legal-related documents; researching legal works; filing and managing correspondence/ documents in our system and folders; managing calendars and meeting, etc.
  • Fresh graduates are welcome to apply.
  • Perform overall administrative, clerical, and secretarial tasks e.g. preparing quality documents / correspondence, arranging appointments and trips, screening visitors, mails and calls before transferring to supervisor (s), recording messages, organizing supervisor's work area, and performing secretarial duties in the absence of other secretaries.
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9 days ago
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