The Marketing Communications Manager is responsible to the Principal and works closely with Director of Marketing and Communications, the Associate Director of Marketing and Communications. In particular, the Marketing Communications Manager will:

  • execute their own day-to-day responsibilities and support the team to ensure that the wider objectives of the Department and School are met. Manage the execution of delegated tasks, as sanctioned by the line managers, ensuring that they are delivered to time, budget and expected quality.
  • implement actions set out in the strategic marketing plan, and in accordance with the expectations of line managers.
  • support and execute communications between the school and internal stakeholders through its established communication systems, ensuring that format, tone and content is appropriate and in line with the school’s guidelines. (including the drafting of materials for website and issuing of messages and letters on behalf of the school to parents and students via “Parent Portal”, email and SMS”.).
  • support and execute promotional activities for the School including face-to-face networking, advertising campaigns and outward-facing communications (including via social media and website)
  • track effectiveness of digital communications and conversion rates in order to inform communications and promotional strategies going forward.
  • analyse and track competitor activity to identify areas of threat and opportunity
  • engagement with school community and identification of school activities to leverage positive Word of Mouth and generate new marketing ideas for the school
  • follow the brand guidelines and ensure that the materials and communications presented by others are also in alignment
  • develop and control the marketing inventory, ensuring adequate stock and timely provision of marketing materials in accordance with budget.

Event Management

  • plan, initiate, implement and support key school events.
  • advise all staff on events planning and ensure key messages and materials are delivered.
  • assist in the pre-communication/promotion of events, and establish and manage ticketing and registration processes (if required), Public Relations Media and public relations
  • generate media coverage
  • monitor competitors’ news, analyse and make recommendations to shape the School’s own promotional activities and strategy.


  • work with other stakeholders to map out networking events and engage SMT
  • attend networking events and create top of mind brand
  • networking and engage school community

Professional Expectations:

The Marketing Communications Manager should have the following qualities, skills and experience:


  • excellent English, both written and spoken
  • ability to produce, edit and proof accurate English Language copy
  • strong interpersonal skills
  • a proactive team player, willing and able to execute own work streams
  • excellent planning and time management skills, with ability to prioritise urgent tasks and meet agreed deadlines
  • experience in a professional Marketing environment
  • practical knowledge of digital platforms and social media, including campaign execution
  • ability to respond to new information and crisis management in a calm and professional manner.
  • event management skills
  • familiarity with editing, and proofing processes, including quality control of proof products provided by suppliers.


  • strong Thai Language skills
  • journalism skills are advantageous, particularly the ability to identify opportunities for leveraging positive news from within the community, gather the necessary information and present it in accurate and persuasive written English
  • experience of budget control
  • experience of working in a school environment and demonstrating understanding of inter-departmental working
  • comfortable in the basic use of photographic equipment. Additional skills and experience in event photography and/or editing software (Adobe Photoshop) a plus.
  • some experience with Adobe InDesign and/or Adobe Illustrator. 
  • familiarity with Google drive, Google forms and Google analytics.
  • experience and proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel.
  • Market Research
  • Event Planning
  • Thai (Very Good)
  • English (Good)
  • สาขาการตลาด
  • คณะบริหารธุรกิจ
  • ไม่ระบุประสบการณ์ขั้นต่ำ
  • ระดับหัวหน้างาน
  • ระดับผู้จัดการ / อาวุโส
  • Market Analysis
  • Management
  • After Effects
  • English (Excellent)
  • สามารถต่อรองได้
  • การตลาด / โฆษณา
  • ประชาสัมพันธ์
  • งานออกแบบ / ศิลปะ / สร้างสรรค์
  • งานประจำ
  • ตั้งแต่ 30 ถึง 40


จำนวนพนักงาน:500-1000 คน

Shrewsbury is one of South East Asia’s outstanding international schools, with enrolment of 1700 students from Early Years to Sixth Form, exceptional examination results and particular strengths in the creative arts, design and sport. The school itself enjoys a delightful and spectacular setting, ri ... อ่านต่อ

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เขตที่ตั้งที่ทำงาน: บางคอแหลม
สำนักงานใหญ่: 1922 Chroen Krung Road, Wat Prayakrai, Bang kholame, Bangkok
  • หางาน สมัครงาน โชรส์เบอรี่
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