Job Opportunity: This position is open to Thai Nationals only

Position / Job Specification: Administrative Coordinator

(This appointment is for a Thai national only) 

Applications will be considered as they arrive

Department: Administration

Key Responsibilities:

The Administrative Coordinator reports directly to the Director of Business Services as part of staff providing the customer service function of the school. The Customer Services team comprises the administration, secretarial, reception, registrar and public relations function of the school. The responsibilities and tasks fall upon the team will be discharged effectively. In particular, the Administrative Coordinator will:

  • Adopting a close working relationship between each member of staff of the team and with the line manager.
  • Prioritizing and organizing duties and responsibilities on a day-to-day basis to ensure an equitable division of workload between each member of staff of the team, a proper and timely completion of tasks including coping with absences of staff and short-term increases in workloads.
  • Sharing knowledge, information and expertise in order that each member of staff of the team is able to effectively carry out any responsibility that falls upon the team.

Professional Expectations:

The Administrative Coordinator should have the following qualities;

  • Be positive, engaging and friendly in manner to all staff, students and visitors to the school.
  • Be professional, neat and presentable both in the work and tasks undertaken and in their personal appearance.
  • Have a “can-do” approach be efficient and accurate in dealing with work and duties assigned.
  • Have a good spoken command of English and Thai and competent written skills in both languages.
  • Be flexible in their approach to work and enjoy working as part of a team.
  • Adhere at all times to the spoken English policy.
  • Deal with information with the appropriate confidentiality as required,
  • Promote a favourable impression of the School at all times,
  • Undertake duties and responsibilities in accordance with the School’s policies and procedures.


The Administrative Coordinator reports directly to the Director of Business Services and is responsible for:

Operations & Safety Support (40%)

  • Administering and monitoring of the online reporting system for hazards, near misses and accidents
  • Assisting with the production of whole school renovations and maintenance plans / work schedules
  • Assisting with producing and monitoring safety inspection documents
  • Assisting with the production of agendas, presentation slides and minutes for the schools Health & Safety committee
  • Administering Medical Centre reports
  • Assisting to developing routine safety checklists and documentation for the operations team use (Security, Housekeeping, Maintenance)
  • Carrying out ad-hoc projects relating to implementing health and safety improvements and systems in the school
  • Assisting the Operations and Safety Manager to liaise with outside contractors and suppliers regarding any ongoing works around campus
  • Assisting the Operations and Safety manager to promote a positive safety culture on campus

International Awards Programme Support (40%)

  • Administering and monitoring the Online Record Book System.
  • Acting as a competent translator in the school liaisons with outside providers e.g. Montri bus drivers, National Park Rangers, Airline check-in staff, and local hospitals.
  • Keeping up to date records of the number of participants in the Bronze, Silver and Gold Award categories.
  • Liaising with outside providers, organizations and government department in the provision, transport and booking of all expeditions.
  • Assisting in the planning and undertaking of pre-visits of potential new destinations.
  • Assisting in the administrative process in ensuring that the school educational visit policies are followed (e.g. budgets, student lists, staffing and risk assessment)
  • Assisting staff in collating student consent forms.
  • Compiling staff and students information packs for each expedition
  • Checking the weather forecast before each expedition and feedback to the expedition leader.
  • Controlling the stock of all equipment and ensure that all equipment is correctly signed out and in.
  • Attending IA trips, if required

General Admin (20%)

  • Answering telephone calls into the administration section and routing them efficiently and accurately to the appropriate areas.
  • Helping to deal with enquiries and concerns from other members of staff and parents.
  • Assisting with routine administrative tasks.
  • Supervise stock of office supplies.
  • Assisting with ad-hoc jobs in the Administrative office and supporting Admission, Marketing and special events in the School e.g. School tour, Admission Group Interview, Junior & Senior School’s Parent Meeting, Speech Days, Concerts, FOBISSEA events hosted by the school and others upon request.
  • Monitor transport and meal allowance when staff work late.
  • Supporting school safety and security of children through Administrative site.
  • Other ad hoc duties as requested


Child Safeguarding:

Shrewsbury International School is committed to Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children. The successful candidate will be required to

  • Attend in-house Child Safeguarding programmes
  • Promote and safeguard the welfare of all students in the school
  • Report to the Child Protection Officer any concerns they have for the welfare of a student. This may include unsafe practices witnessed within the school as outlined in the school’s Speak Out (Whistleblowing) Policy. 
  • Keep professional relationships with students where personal boundaries are respected and maintained
  • Seek advice from a Line Manager or Child Protection Officer with issues or concerns related to Child Safeguarding.


  • Creative Writing
  • Energetic
  • Enthusiastic
  • Fast Learner
  • Good Communication Skills
  • High Responsibilities
  • Multitasking
  • Positive Thinker
  • Problem Solving
  • Service-Minded
  • Teamwork
  • English (Good)
  • ไม่ระบุประสบการณ์ขั้นต่ำ
  • ระดับหัวหน้างาน
  • งานเลขานุการ
  • งานผู้ช่วย
  • งานธุรการ
  • งานประจำ
  • ตั้งแต่ 22 ถึง 40


จำนวนพนักงาน:500-1000 คน

Shrewsbury is one of South East Asia’s outstanding international schools, with enrolment of 1700 students from Early Years to Sixth Form, exceptional examination results and particular strengths in the creative arts, design and sport. The school itself enjoys a delightful and spectacular setting, ri ... อ่านต่อ

ร่วมงานกับเรา: Further Details: Full details of the school are available on our website at Any queries should be forwarded to [email protected]

เขตที่ตั้งที่ทำงาน: บางคอแหลม
สำนักงานใหญ่: 1922 Chroen Krung Road, Wat Prayakrai, Bang kholame, Bangkok
  • หางาน สมัครงาน โชรส์เบอรี่
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