Job Highlights

  • Well-understand mood and tone of the brand

  • Create content and artwork

  • Support Marketing team for big project

Job Description

  • Well-understand mood and tone of the brand, and be able to create story telling of the products and brand.
  •  Create content and artwork follow trendy keeping via social medias to create brand awareness/ brand image, and to increase sales. (Facebook, IG, [email protected], Twitter, Google, YouTube, and TikTok and other online platforms).
  • Support Marketing team for big project.


Job Responsibilities

  •  Collaborate and maintain a good relationship with agencies/ celebrities/ bloggers and influencers to create and generate marketing contents and campaigns.
  •  Communicate marketing ideas with Graphic designer to manage brand exposure and online contents.
  •  Plan the online schedule in advance to deliver and execute marketing activities.
  •  Coordinate with Product Team to deliver best fact sheet, scenario, and unique selling points (USP) of existing and new product to boost up sales and to launch new products effectively.
  •  Allocate the advertisement budget (per content/ campaign, per day, per week, and per month) to boost the marketing content by using advertisement tools of each online media (Facebook, IG, [email protected], Twitter, Google, YouTube, and TikTok).
  •  Analyze and summarize for “Return on investment”, “Organic / Paid Reach”, and be able to optimize Ads carefully and effectively.
  •  Analyze and select the appropriate offline medias (TVC, OOH, on shelf display, in-store medias, marketing events, etc.,) to ensure positive brand image and seamless of brand experience throughout all marketing communication activities.



  •  Bachelor’s degree or higher in Marketing, Cosmetics Science or related fields
  •  Minimum 1 year proven working experience in marketing / digital marketing/ or brand communication
  •  Having passion or good knowledge of skincare/ personal care/ health & beauty or FMCG will be advantaged
  •  Good command both Thai and English
  •  Creative / high responsibilities / multi-tasking
  • Digital Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Market Research
  • English (Good)
  • 5 ปี
  • ระดับหัวหน้างาน
  • 22,000+ THB
  • การตลาด / โฆษณา
  • งานประจำ


จำนวนพนักงาน:10-50 คน
ประเภทบริษัท:โฆษณา / สื่อ

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